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Welcome! We are Fredericton's Health Source. We offer multiple services in one location to give your body its ultimate opportunity for healing, health and wellness. With decades of combined experience, our team offers a unique touch like no other in the Fredericton area. Whether you're one minute old or 100 years old, you can benefit from our services.


Our Purpose is to inspire, educate and encourage each individual to create their perfect life. We believe, everyone deserves to live a life full of health and vitality.


What we can help you with: back/neck pain, headaches/migraines, arthritis, whiplash, fibromyalgia, pregnancy, TMJ, stress/anxiety, strains/sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome, constipation, tendinitis, sciatica, shoulder injuries, ear infections, colic, plantar fasciitis and many more.


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Chiropractic Adjustments

Every single nerve in your body runs through your spinal cord. Your nerves tell your body what to do. When your spine is out of alignment it creates stress on your nerves. This means that your brain and your body are not going to communicate properly, having a negative effect on the way your entire body functions.

Massage Therapy

Massage works by making your muscles more flexible and relaxed. When your body is under a lot of stress, it creates knots and trigger points which can make your movements from day-to-day very challenging and painful. Massage helps to break up these knots and trigger points.


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