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Ryan Wilkie

At the age of 5 I started playing hockey and I continued to play all the way through school. When I was 15 and one of the smallest players, my Dad suggested that I start to "pump some iron" so I wouldn't get pushed around so much. After lifting weights (semi consistently) for the next 10 years, I finally decided to make it a career for myself as a Personal Trainer.


Through my experience, multiple certifications and studies over the next few years I found out some interesting, ineffective and even some potentially dangerous exercises I had been doing for the previous 10 years. Exercises that may have contributed to some of my nagging back and shoulder pain. I used this new knowledge to help myself and my clients at the commercial gym I was employed with. New members at the gym who were in some kind of pain were often referred for a consultation with me and I enjoyed the challenge of helping them.


In 2012, I learned of a treatment called Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) after seeing a demonstration of this technique from a course instructor. I knew instantly that this was something I wanted to do! So I became certified in the therapy the next year. FST was a great addition to my skillset and has really helped to improve my clients' results.


I am so excited to be on the team at Fredericton's Health Source! I believe that FST, massage, chiropractic and progressive rehab all under the same roof will be very beneficial. I'm really looking forward to help to get Fredericton moving efficiently and pain free!


- Ryan Wilkie

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