Why Chiropractic, Massage, and Progressive Rehab all under the same roof?


Throughout your day-to-day life you move your body in routine patterns. Your brain records these patterns to make it easier for you to repeat these specific movements in the future (this is why you never forget how to ride a bike). This is commonly referred to as muscle memory.


Muscle memory is very beneficial, however...


Over time, you may develop movement patterns that put your body into unstable positions, limit your range of motion and negatively effect your activities of daily living. These unstable patterns or compensations in movement develop due to: injuries; repetitive motions; inactivity; over activity; emotional stress; etc. Even though you may no longer be in these situations which requires these compensations, your brain still tells you to move in these unstable patterns. Your body is still functioning in accordance with that old muscle memory. In most cases this will, at one point or another, lead to significantly reduced range of motion and/or pain.


Our focus is to remove the stress in and on your body, retrain your brain and restore effective movement! Each therapy offered at Fredericton's Health Source is very beneficial on its own, but put them together into one treatment plan and you have a recipe for superior care with effective and faster results!



Every single nerve in your body runs through your spinal cord. Your nerves tell your body what to do. When your spine is out of alignment it creates stress on your nerves. This means that your brain and your body are not going to communicate properly, having a negative effect on the way your entire body functions. This includes your muscles and joints and the way you move. Chiropractic works because it removes stress from your spine and aligns it in its proper position. This gives your body the best ability to create optimal health throughout your whole body and to move efficiently.



Massage works by making your muscles more flexible and relaxed. When your body is under a lot of stress, it creates knots and trigger points which can make your movements from day-to-day very challenging and painful. It also leaves your body more susceptible to injury. Massage helps to break up these knots and trigger points (especially when given by Paige or Amy, they break up knots like nobody's business) which removes the stress from your body.


Progressive Rehab

When you combine Chiropractic, Massage and Fascial Stretch Therapy it's like hitting the reset button in your body and musculoskeletal system. Massage and FST allow your body to forget that old muscle memory which is no longer serving your body well. The adjustment from the Chiropractor aligns the spine, restoring nerve function and removing stress. This is now the best time to input new information for your body to learn, cementing these changes by rebuilding strength and stability deep within the core. The exercises you perform in Progressive Rehab will teach your body more efficient movement patterns and allow your brain to make a new recording. This leaves you with healthier, more stable movement and will reduce or even eliminate pain for the long term!


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